How to Find a Deal For You

How do you possibly source deals when trying to allocate a deal for yourself? There are several well-used methods of deal sourcing that many top property investors use.

Sourcing deals off estate agents is possibly the most lucrative way of sourcing deals but it is very difficult to be the number one caller on the estate agents list. Building a rapport is essential and possibly the easiest ways thereafter to source deals.

Leafleting is possibly the easiest ways to source deals, and it is really cheap as well. Leafleting is as effective as you make it, so if you go and deliver 500 hundred leaflets you arent going to get much of a response from this. However, if you deliver on a much bigger scale, say 20,000 you are sure to get more of a response. Hire someone to deliver leaflets for you if this is something that you do not want to do.

Word of mouth is always a benefit. If you have helped someone in the past then it is more than likely they will put in a good word to someone who are in the same kind of trouble that they were and will let them know that you were the person who helped them out of the tough spot they were in.

Being creative helps, a lot. Never miss an opportunity to market who and what you are because the more that you are in the public eye, the more someone will have interest in dealing with you.