8 Steps to Mix Art and Science for Marketing Success

Some modern marketers suggest marketing is strictly science, driven by analytics data, calculated placement, and messaging. The science behind marketing often fails to consider long-term factors. Marketers who focus on a campaign’s immediate data, conversions and direction only regard the effects of short-term practices. This methodology is unsustainable when considering the need for stronger long-term building blocks in a detailed marketing plan.

In reality, marketing demands a mix of both schools of thought. If formulated correctly, science and art work in conjunction to create successful modern marketing campaigns that return increased brand awareness, lead generation and revenue.

Utilize science to determine major decisions while maximizing art’s abilities to engage audiences with aesthetically pleasing nuances.

Understanding customer behavior and applying appropriate strategies is essential in balancing the science and art aspects of digital marketing. With regards to customer data, marketing is both science and art. Science will lead, measure and optimize content while art will inspire and create lead generation.

To develop a balanced marketing approach of both science and art, consider these psychological factors that drive all consumer behavior:

8 Steps to Mix Art and Science for Marketing Success

  1. Engagement: Create a sense of personalization, interest and curiosity. Make a positive connection between your target customer and your product or service.
  2. Greed: Tap into your customer’s desire for a deal by showcasing value and competitive online offers.
  3. Timing: Match advertising and product releases with seasonality and demand trends.
  4. Authority: Consumers purchase from authority. When prices are equal, purchases are made based on perceived authority and assurance. Adjectives with positive connotations such as ‘largest’ and ‘best’ appeal to authority. Another key element in asserting authority concerns focusing on quality. The quality of your website, online promotions and when and where you advertise determines consumer assurance levels. Strategically crafted messages aimed at target audiences are all factors that increase perceived authority.
  5. Association: Associate your product with something the consumer is already knowledgeable about or does.
  6. Community: Everyone wants to belong. Create a sense of belonging in your sales process through testimonials, inclusive copy, and reviews. Doing this attracts audiences, increasing chances for improved lead conversion and sales revenue.
  7. Satisfaction: Guarantee product satisfaction. If consumers think they cannot make a mistake with a purchase, they are more likely to convert. For instance, companies who offer a money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers eliminate an additional purchase barrier and show authority through professional promise.
  8. Urgency: Typically, consumers will usually wait for the best deal before purchasing products and services. Provide incentive to close the sale by letting the consumer know why they should purchase now rather than later.

New Credit Card Settlement Laws – No More Upfront Fees Means a Better Deal for You

The Federal government has introduced many new credit card settlement laws in the markets which are working for reducing the problems of the sufferers of the financial crisis. These new credit card settlement laws are really working for benefiting the debtors and the creditors. When government decided to take action against the loans, then it worked more for finding out hurdles in the way of making the relief programs a foremost choice of the debtors. In result of its search, it introduced the rules for the relief programs. Now more debtors are getting rid of their liabilities by adopting these options. By this article you will realize that how the new rules are helping you in getting a better deal.

In the past, when debtors started to eliminate their debts by adopting the relief options, many fake companies also entered the markets. These companies were just established for pilling up more profits in less time by the inexperienced and unprofessional people claiming their reliability in the financial industry. These companies were deceiving the naive and innocent people making wish for eliminating their debts legally by demanding the service charges in advance. These practices of the negotiation companies moved away the debtors from the relief options because they were failing in making the settlement deals in their favor. So in this miserable condition of the debtors, the federal trade commission took the step and injected the laws in the markets in order to provide protection to debtors.

Now only the legitimate firms are operating in the industry because these new credit card settlement laws have wiped out all the illegitimate and fraudulent companies. By adopting these laws, the negotiation firms are trying hard to provide maximum and quick relief from the liabilities because they know that debtors will be liable for the payment just after getting into contact with a debt settlement program. This program is allowing 50 percent reductions to its customers. In the end of this discussion, it will not be wrong to say that by not paying the upfront charges, debtors are getting better settlement deal for them.

Answer These 5 Questions To Procure The Best Real Estate Deal For You

Understand that you need a lot of knowledge if you want to emerge successful out of a deal with seasoned real estate professionals. If you can answer these 5 questions comprehensively, you can rest assured that will you have received the best end of the bargain.

Q 1) What Does The Real Estate Sector Point To?

This is one of the most important questions to help you with the pursuit of your buying/selling experience. More often than not, you will be dealing in a market that is more inclined towards being profitable to one of the parties, i.e., buyers or sellers, due to fluctuating demands in the real estate scenario. Do some research. Gather information. This will help you stay prepared and keep you well equipped to deal with this situation efficiently.

Q 2) Do You Have The Details About The Property?

When you are buying/selling a property, it is not enough to know just the dimensions and the general specifications of it. You need to know the premises inside and out, to be able to make the pitch convincing or devise a plan for necessary modifications depending on the side you are on. An advantage of having the details at your disposal, is that you can use them to bargain with your buyer/seller for the deal that you want.

Q 3) Who Has The Advantage?

This is where the deal can go both ways; in your favour or the other party’s favour. For instance, sellers that have 8 buyers lined up can sit back and watch as prospective buyers fight to get the deal they want. This is done while they make immense profits no matter to whom they sell the property to.

Q 4) Can You Negotiate?

Negotiating is a skill not everyone can master. The better you are at it, the worthier deals you get. Usually, buyers/sellers have their own brokers who can negotiate the better end of the deal for them and their clients. If you are pitted against them, there is a definite chance that you will get the negative side of the deal. Hence, it is recommended that you figure out what you want and stick to it.

Q 5) Have You Got The Capital?

Capital is the most necessary part of the deal closing process. If you are buying, you need to sort your finances out and find the money to make the buy. If you are looking for lenders, remember, they don’t offer you the loan before taking a peek at the property themselves.

Dealing with real estate transactions is a tough and tricky business, where you need to play your cards right. One false move can practically leave you with nothing. Make sure to be extra cautious when dealing with property investments.

The Four Keys to Finding Real Estate Deals For Pennies on the Dollar

How did you find that deal? That is the number one question I am asked by other investors at my real estate investing seminars whenever I go through different real estate deal case studies. If you are an experienced real estate investor you can probably relate to this statement. The answer is the “Real Secret” to the business. Unfortunately, most real estate guru’s only touch on the importance of finding deals. Touching on the importance of marketing is not enough. YOU MUST SERIOUSLY FONDLE THIS ISSUE! Most of these so called real estate guru’s will give you ideas of how to find deals, but ideas are not enough! I have seen many entrepreneurs fail who have had good ideas. What investors really need is to understand the importance of marketing and marketing systems. Marketing is your business and marketing systems are what bring your deals consistently!

Real Estate Marketing Tip #1 – Become a Marketing Major
The most successful real estate investors have dedicated their time to learning the details of their business. These people have usually sacrificed numerous weekend vacations and instead spent the time learning more about their business. These elite investors understand that successful marketing takes hard work, continual follow up, and a thorough knowledge of marketing. In this game the most informed players always win and the more you know about the subject the more money you will make.

The top-tier of investors, who are buying 50-100 houses a year, are continually learning, testing, and improving their marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Marketing Tip #2 – You Must Become Systems Orientated!
You are now a systems producing machine! Congratulations I have given you the highest possible compliment one business person can give another business person. You see, the best marketers are systems-oriented people. They understand ideas are only so valuable and without a system you can not leverage and execute an idea consistently. For example, I can give you an idea of how to find real estate deals below market value by telling you to mail people who have recently inherited properties. However, if I don’t show you how to get the data, create a list, and design a system you can outsource then I have not helped you. In fact, I have only confused you and frustrated you which can lead to burnouts and increased male pattern baldness! Developing the systems behind your marketing is the most important thing you can do. Without systems you will continually be short on time and short on quality leads.

Real Estate Investing Tip #3 – Death to Ideas
Ideas mean nothing to you now unless you can build a system for implementing them. Death to ideas! Your new favorite word is Business Process Automation or BPA for short. (No not T&A…Paul). All businesses are made up of a series of processes which can be automated. For example if you ever had the pleasure of visiting our office you would see that we have a system and checklist for everything. From our sixteen different marketing systems that get our marketing out into the marketplace, to our deal analysis and due-diligence systems, to our rehabbing systems that run our projects, and finally down to the way we market our properties. Everything is a system run by different individuals trained on running that part of the business. These systems are what allow me to travel the country speaking without having to worry about my business producing revenue.

Real Estate Marketing Tip #4 – The Bible of Systems
If you don’t understand the importance of systems, you need to rip up this article right now and pick up the book entitled “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. The E-Myth, or Entrepreneurial Myth as Gerber laments, is single handedly the best book on how to systemize and run a business effectively. The book does not specifically talk about developing real estate marketing systems, however it does have specific case studies of how some of the most successful business owners use systems within their business. Last time I checked, Howard Schultz the founder of Starbucks, did not serve you your morning “3 Pump Grande Vanilla Latte.” One of his employees did. One of his employees who was working the systems he spent years building.

This idea can be directly applied to your real estate business. If you don’t have marketing systems to get motivated sellers calling you every day then you will struggle to find any good real estate deals. Likewise, if you don’t have marketing systems you can outsource to others then you will never be able to remove yourself from your business.