5 Simple Ways to Use Twitter For Marketing

My friend tweets a lot. She tweets when she wakes up in the morning, just before going to work, as soon as she’s back home, just before she goes to sleep, and at anytime in between that! And no, she just doesn’t tweet to share about personal thoughts and activities… she uses Twitter for marketing her business.

What is Twitter?

I do not know anyone who has never heard of Twitter, but assuming that you are one of those not-so-tech-savvy persons, Twitter is a tool for “micro-blogging”, where you post very short updates, status, comments or thoughts. It’s limited to 140 characters per tweet, making every single word of your tweet count.

Twitter, a micro-blogging tool, has become a powerful marketing instrument today. Almost every business uses Twitter for marketing, and why not? It has become a valuable tool in building your network, establishing connections, engaging in valuable conversations and making friends. All of these things are essential in marketing and public relations, and if you’re not yet sold on this micro-blogging phenomenon, now is the time to reconsider and use Twitter for marketing.

Here are the 5 ways you can utilize Twitter for marketing:

1. Promote blog articles, webinars, interesting news and more.

Share valuable information through your tweets. You not only promote your name and business – you get to share to thousands of people, who could retweet your information to their own followers!

2. Provide live updates.

If you’re attending a conference, seminar or trade show, you can use Twitter to announce last minute changes and events that are happening as it happens.

3. Announce specials, deals or sales.

If you have some exciting promotional activities, Twitter is a nifty way of getting the message across to your target market. Remember though, that Twitter should not be used as a pitch tool. This turns people off, so you don’t want to be doing any aggressive marketing here because this should be a place for sharing information and knowledge.

4. Eavesdrop and get valuable feedback.

You can also monitor what people are saying about any person, topic or company. Twitter has a search engine that lets you do just this. Or, you can use the hash tag #symbol.

5. Keep in touch with bloggers/media.

Bloggers abound on Twitter. Follow those who inspire you, and find others who have valuable information to share too. Be friends, and take advantage of the power of the retweet button to spread great information!

If you look at Twitter from a personal brand building and networking standpoint, you will realize that you should NOT look at micro-blogging as individual posts, as you may think they can be useless. Instead, think of the overall impressions and value that can be created by using Twitter for marketing over time.

Each tweet of 140 characters or less is a seed of an idea that can spark other new ideas, or it can result to a sale or the building up of your business reputation. Every word in a tweet counts, and every time someone retweets your message or post is publicity for you. You may not get a sale from Twitter, but using Twitter for marketing can help build your brand and put you in front of thousands of people.

Indeed, Twitter is a great promotional and marketing tool, and not just for pointing to interesting things you’ve found on the web. It’s great for building credibility and influence, so use it, and use it well.

The Best Remortgage Deals For Your Home

As many remortgage brokers as there are out there, there are as many remortgage deals. If you are looking to remortgage your home there are a lot of good deals on the market. The brokers are trying to get your business, and will offer some wonderful breaks and discounts to get it.

Make sure when you go to remortgage that the interest rates are lower than what you have on your current mortgage. This will help you to save a lot of money. You should also consider consolidating all of your other high interest rate bills into your mortgage, and making them into one payment with a lower interest rate. Payout

When you remortgage it gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money. You will save yourself thousand of dollars by lowering your interest rate just 2%, over the lifetime of the loan. Staying with your higher interest market can be a huge mistake. Payout

Make sure you do your research on each remortgage deal offered. Look at the rates of interest, fees, and even if there is an early payoff penalty, this will help you to choose the deal for you. There can be some negotiation on rates and so forth, so know your facts, and you will find the better deal. Payout

Know your credit score before you start to apply for your remortgages. Keep your score as high as possible, the higher your credit score the lower the interest rate you will be given. Payout

Take everything into consideration, and do lots of research. Not only should you call some remortgage brokers in your area, check on the Internet for some great deals. There is less overhead for the online remortgage brokers, so they can often get the better deal for you. The remortgage brokers want your business, so feel free to negotiate between more than one, if they know they are going against other competition, it could get you a better rate.

You should apply to many different remortgage companies, to get the best deal, and have something to show the competition. The first remortgage offer that you get is not a done deal, there is negotiation that can and should be done. You can try to get a better rate from a competitor, or even negotiate no closing costs or other fees associated with accepting the mortgage from them. Payout

Never say yes to the first remortgage offer. Some people hate to negotiate, so they take the first offer that comes around. Know what you are talking about, and it will make it easier to ask for a lower rate. Keep a list of everything you want to get out of the new remortgage, so when you are negotiating, you will have the information in front of you. This will make the process much less intimidating.

Know the facts, look at a lot of different offers, and most important negotiate, you need to get the very best offer out there for you. The results will be fabulous!

Great Deals For Local Businesses and Communities

By checking out their local area’s offering online, the shopper can become aware of new restaurants, retailers and services as well as learn about the great deals they’re offering.

Finding great deals is a real thrill, and it can be done easily online. With the power of the internet, it’s possible to find a good deal on almost anything. By extending a generous offer to a new visitor, local business are reaching out in new ways to share their products and services. Taking advantage of this fresh new idea in marketing is beneficial to both the consumer and the business. By checking out their local area’s offering online, the shopper can become aware of new restaurants, retailers and services as well as learn about the great deals they’re offering. Whether it’s a perennial favorite restaurant or a newly opened tanning salon, having discount coupons can greatly increase the likelihood of a consumer’s patronage of a certain business.

Among the new twists on marketing discounts is the option to buy coupons. A coupon can be sold online for significantly lower than face value, like a deeply discounted gift certificate to be used at a local business. This brilliant way to offer targeted great local deals to local consumers can be applied to any industry, two for one restaurant meals, prepaid tanning packages and many more bargains can be found online. The concept of cheap deals for insiders has been around since the days of bartering, but in the modern age anyone can become that savvy insider.

Use of these discount deals isn’t just limited to local eateries and beauty parlors, however; by planning ahead and doing a bit of research beforehand these coupons and discounts can help one travel in style as well. Car services, tour groups and attractions in most vacation destinations will offer good deals or coupons online. For every area of life, there is a coupon and deals can be found that will let people live as they wish without breaking the budget in the process. It’s just smart to make the best use of all resources. By becoming aware of possibilities, a greater potential can be reached from the same starting point. Extract the full power of this situation by knowing the value of the great deals available.

It can bring joy to find a great deal on the things in life that really make living worthwhile. Using an internet coupon to take a night out and enjoy the company of a friend or loved one isn’t cheapened by getting a discount. It can be a way to demonstrate that despite a questionable economic environment, a delicious meal or trip to the salon is still a good investment because it feels good. People can take advantage of restaurant deals offered online to explore a new type of cuisine or to revisit fond memories at an old favorite cafĂ©. Some of the bargains can be offered for limited times or require promotional codes. Also common are local restaurant coupons, making it possible to partake of a special treat for the family or have a date night while shopping smart. Searching out local coupon discounts is not only financially savvy, it’s a way to really support the local economy and strengthen the community.

Verizon Wireless Deals For Existing Customers – Plus A Great Place To Find Verizon Deals Online

There are a few places to check out when looking for Verizon Wireless deals for existing customers. You will get the best price on a new phone when you are eligible for a Verizon upgrade based on your service contract dates, and extend your service with a new two-year agreement. This article discusses the potential deals existing Verizon customers can get, and also shows you a great place to find Verizon deals online.

Verizon Upgrade Eligibility And Options

  • As an existing Verizon customer, you will get the best phone deals when you extend your service contract for another 2 years. As long as you are happy with Verizon’s wireless network and their customer service, this is really a no-brainer. You can often get really great phones for FREE when you meet eligibility requirements, and sign up for a new two-year agreement. If you are not sure exactly when you are eligible for an upgrade, you can check your eligibility dates online.
  • “New Every Two” promotion – Depending on when you started your Verizon service, you may have been enrolled in their “New Every Two” marketing promotion. If you established your Verizon service with a two-year contract before February 15th, 2009, you can redeem a credit of $50 or $100, depending on your plan. If your service started on February 15th, 2009 or later, then you can redeem a credit of $30 or $50 depending on your plan. Log into your My Verizon account to see if you were enrolled in this marketing promotion. You can find this under the “My Plan –> Additional Features” section of your Account Profile. You should see the label “New Every Two” if you were enrolled in this promotion.
  • Verizon wireless often runs different promotions and sales throughout the year. Simply going to their website, you can review current deals on phones and service plans. Be sure to review the fine print of any promotion!
  • Verizon’s “Worry Free” Guarantee – Verizon offers a 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee, where for any reason if you are not satisfied, you can cancel your service with no termination fees, and return your phone equipment for a full refund. However, some equipment may have a restocking fee.
  • Verizon Trade-In Program – When you upgrade or get a new phone, you could trade-in your old phone to Verizon. On their website, you can easily get an “appraisal” to see how much cash you can get for trading-in and recycling your old phone. Some models will earn you more cash than you would expect!

Other Places To Find Verizon Deals

Verizon is not the only place for existing customers to qualify for great deals. Many well-known retailers are “Authorized Verizon Resellers”, and in working with their Verizon partnership agreements, they can offer additional savings and promotions when you renew or extend your service through their stores.

Check out the Verizon satellite retail desks at places like Costco and Best Buy. As an example, the last time I visited my local Costco, they were offering the same promotion from Verizon at the time. But in addition, they also offered an “accessory package” that included a car charger, protective carrying case and a bluetooth headset, all for free when signing up with them.

Because of the fast-paced competitive consumer market for cell phones and plans, finding the absolute best Verizon wireless deals for existing customers greatly depends on the timing of what is happening in the market right now.