What Is A Deal For Real Estate Investors – A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

As an active real estate investor and someone who teaches real estate investors, I am often asked by other real estate agents and real estate brokers what is a deal for real estate investor clients.

So, in my opinion, there are really four things that make a potential property a deal for real estate investors. You do not need to have ALL four things, but having more than one makes it potentially a better deal for the investor.

First, you should try to find property that is being sold for below current fair market value. In order to know if a deal is below current fair market value, you need to know or pull comparable sales. What some investors and many agents don’t realize is that houses listed for full price does not necessarily mean that they will sell for full price, but finding deals where they are listed below current fair market value makes them more attractive to start with.

Second, deals should have great positive cash flow. In many markets this is near impossible to find with straight rentals and high loan to purchase price ratios. However, in some markets it is a huge factor and you should know that rent minus mortgage payment is NOT a cash flow calculation. There are more expenses than just mortgage payment like taxes, insurance, maintenance and management that need to be included in a cash flow calculation. In other words, it is not enough to say a house that has $1,000 per month rent and a $900 per month mortgage payment has positive cash flow; it does not.

Third, deals should be sold by motivated sellers. Motivated sellers are more likely to accept offers that are discounted and/or offers that are creatively structured.

Fourth and finally, deals should have owner financing. Especially in our current credit situation, deals that include owner financing are much more attractive to investors than cash (or traditional financing) deals. The challenge is that most deals listed in the MLS will never mention owner financing. You don’t get it unless you ask in an offer.

In conclusion, finding deals for your investor clients should have one–and in many cases, more than one–of the above. The more the better and showing your investors deals that do not have one or more of the above will lead, ultimately, to unhappy investor clients and little or no repeat business.

An Affiliate Marketers Report For Marketers

Affiliate marketing is an internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

However, the more insight you have about affiliate marketing the better off you will be. Insight is a powerful tool and can be used with several related meanings. These various meanings include a piece of information and/or the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things.

Or of seeing intuitively the power of acute observation and deduction, penetration, discernment, perception, introspection, and an extended understanding of a subject resulting from identification of relationships and behaviors within a model, context, or scenario.

Therefore, marketing insight is relevant to your campaign. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and effective method of making money on the internet WITHOUT having your own product.

It is not about generating “cheap” advertising but rather about developing profitable, strategic, long-term win-win relationships. Affiliate marketing insight matters as to which relationships you choose to incorporate into your business.

This includes affiliate networks, affiliate management companies, in-house affiliate managers, specialized third party vendors, and various types of affiliates/publishers who promote the products and services of their partners.

This industry has grown quickly since its inception and is also referred to as “performance marketing”, in reference to how sales employees are typically being compensated.

It overlaps with other marketing methods to some degree, because marketers often use regular advertising methods. This is accomplished by one website driving traffic to another and is a form of online marketing, which is frequently overlooked by advertisers.

It is driven by entrepreneurs who are working at the forefront of internet marketing and is not commonly taught in universities. Only a few college instructors work with internet marketers to introduce the subject to students majoring in marketing.

It’s one of the fastest growing marketing channels on the internet. And is a way for entrepreneurs and business opportunists all over the world to siphon money away from the bigger industries and earn their share of the profits.

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme or a get rich overnight type of deal. Affiliate marketing gives you a great opportunity to make money online and is also great because anyone with a laptop, internet connection and some imagination can set up this type of business model.

This type of marketing offers a number of advantages over other ways of making sales. You can make money from a product without having to stock it, pack it, or ship it to the customer. You do not need an online store, shopping cart or any other sales mechanism.

You do not need to even have a website of your own and you can make sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with little “hands on” effort on your part. You get your payment checks regularly. And you will have more free time to pursue your other interests.

Before starting an affiliate marketing campaign you should make sure that you promote similar products to the ones that you are promoting on your website so that they can be used as back-end products.

7 Reasons to Use Facebook For Marketing

To keep your business up to date in today’s marketplace you need to know how to use the latest social media’s viral strategies and marketing techniques, including Facebook with its powerful features and tools.

Here are 7 reasons to use Facebook for marketing:

1)The amount of visitors they receive on a daily basis is incredible. They currently have an Alexa traffic ranking of 2. Google it’s the only site ahead of them that has more traffic.

2)You could get access to over 400 million active users and promote your product and service.

3)Over 20 million people become fans every single day. You have an opportunity to create your niche in your desired area by advertising your business in such an enormous crowd, and your Facebook Fan Page has a large potential to attract, engage and retain targeted market through its easy-to-use and appealing functions and futures.

4)Using Facebook for marketing is totally FREE.

5)You can link your Twitter account to your Facebook profile. When you update whatever you’re doing on Twitter… it also updates on Facebook. You can create this connection between Facebook and Twitter in two ways: You can link your Twitter account to your Facebook Fan Page, or you can link your Facebook page to your Twitter account. In the first option the message goes from Twitter to Facebook and in the second option it goes from Facebook to Twitter.

6)Establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Experts are the go-to people within their field. They are the ones you turn to for information you can trust. And, when you’re ready to purchase a product or service, you want to trust your hard-earned money to someone with the knowledge to deliver exactly what you need. That’s why you want to be an expert… and your Facebook Fan Page will establish that for you.

7)You can syndicate Your Blog on your Profile Page using RSS. This makes your blog post show up on your profile page. It will also help to build up backlinks for your blog. The bonus with this kind of setup is people will take you much more seriously if they see that you have a site dealing with your common interest. Most people don’t know the first thing about setting up a site, and have a lot of respect for people that have one.

As a platform Facebook is ideal for easy viral marketing. That’s why it’s extremely valuable to marketers and small businesses to leverage on it and market their products and services.

Basic Development of the BSC For Marketing

We all know how important marketing is in the success of any product or service offered by any company or enterprise. After all, success is not determined by the mere production of a particular product or the mere availability of a particular service. These products and services should still be placed on a silver platter that would catch the attention of your target customers, and this is where the importance of marketing takes place. Thus, to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you need to take time to develop the BSC for marketing, or the balanced scorecard for marketing.

When it comes to marketing effectiveness, you just cannot deal without the marketing activities taken on by the lot of companies and enterprises. And at the fast pace that the business world finds itself in, marketing has become ever so broad that it goes beyond the traditional practices we were once accustomed to. Today’s marketing arena involves advertising, selling, and distribution of goods already. Yesteryears, these were separate departments; now, these are all integrated into the single department of marketing. This is how fast the business world is at present. Apart from that, marketing also takes on a psychological side because you do need to monitor the fluctuating and ever-changing consumer behavior of the constituents of your market. Marketing has definitely become multi-tasking, so to speak.

Four dimensions are to be considered when you want to get into the nitty-gritty of marketing effectiveness, and these are corporate, competitive, consumers, and exogenous factors.

The first dimension – corporate – is all about the financial capacity of the enterprise, as well as its size. Both of these are measured, to determine whether the enterprise is indeed capable of taking on the marketing activities that it plans to take on. The competitive dimension, meanwhile, is all about the company’s own competitors. Just how do you expect your competitors would react to this angle of your marketing campaign? What would be their potential counterattacks? Would they have it in them to produce a more vibrant and more effective campaign in response to yours? For this dimension, it is important for you to get hold of competitive marketing information.

The third dimension focuses on the consumers themselves. Here, the company has to strive to understand their customers well, to know their needs and wants inside and out, as well as to understand clearly the factors that influence their purchasing behavior. By knowing all of these, you can then align your marketing campaign more accordingly, to bring forth the buying behavior that you seek out from your customers.

The fourth dimension – exogenous factors – pertains to those factors that are just beyond your very control. Yes, there will certainly be such factors that you just do not have any control over, and this can be frustrating on your part. Still, the best that you can do is roll with the punches because these activities can really impact your marketing campaign. Be on the lookout for the potential exogenous factors that can occur so that you can have the proper courses of action aligned from the start.

And there you have, it, the basics on developing the BSC for marketing. With these as a guide, you can better develop the balanced scorecard that can help your marketing campaign achieve its goals.